Craft Dreams

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It was either ascend by metaphors or go under a plain life
Sink, immerse, suffocate and drown in gyring commonalities.
Or so she presumed back then, persuaded as she floated,
Drifted and slided on tropes, and her own buoying youth.

On a neap tide she rose and with the spring thaw
The flood waters gushed and rivulets carved
Inscriptions on mountainsides. There she found herself,
A participle on an outcrop phrase, dangling.

Slowly, shapes around her coalesced and solidified
Small children sprouted at her feet, squalling and thickening.
Or were they phantoms? Drowsing, chin dipping, she’s not sure,
Sobs and wails mingling with sounds of swooping seagulls screeching.

Rocking in a way that felt internalised, she thought awhile
Translucence was her view; light and shapes that she tried to understand.
Passively she existed, but experienced a vividness she could not explain
Things seemed to happen to her without choice. Was that her choice?

Yawing, shrieking, spiralling, rudder gone, almost breaking apart.
Drowning, not waving; hallucinating, not knowing if this is Life’s cull.
One last gasp, some space to decide. Battle on through turbulent tides,
Or beach yourself in dry dock, writing rusty memoirs in eternal solitude?

Abask she moors herself, shadow-stretching under canopies.
She sighs and drops her gown, dust and rust, she hurls herself
and leeward leans, In seagull droppings no more lapping waves
she’s burned her metaphors, ashore her end is sure.

Once more we managed to weave a collaborative poem. This time starting with a picture, focusing on verbs, and trying to make it into an elegy.

Collaborative poem by @permabloom, @stair71, @sleepingdingo, @troublegummer, @vivchook and @brudberg


35 thoughts on “Craft Dreams

  1. I did a collaboration once. It was fun but stressful. The persons had different styles and I guess what got to me was the lack of control. I’m a control freak! Yes, I’ll admit it. This is an interesting poem – it seems to me as if all that meant something has passed and though there is a longing for life, a better life but in the end, “her end is sure”. I’ll look in my notebook and see what I want to share for OLN.

    • I can sum up the Collaborative process in one word, Kanzensakura – Trust. The process requires that you trust your collaborators implicitly, as they do you. Ego, & that awful need for Control, must be left at the door. It is such a wonderful thing, on a very intrinsic level, to be involved in. You could try to look at it from this perspective. It’s truly enlightening, emancipating, and validating.

      • I thank you for these words and you are absolutely correct. The three people I had collaborated with, I didn not know well. They were long time friends and I was the odd person out. I did the collaboration as I was asked and felt it would be a learning experience for me. And it is true, I did not trust them as well as I should and it was not a good experience. I didn’t like that they constantly changed my parts but their parts were never changed, even when I had a suggestion. It gave me a dim view of my own art and as you can tell, a dim view of collaboration. I take criticism well and have found the folk at dVerse to be supportive, honest, and kind. I was afraid at first but not now. I do so like the work of them all and so enjoy their differences and their lives. Being part of this has been a joy and has helped me stretch myself in my own writing. Again, thank you so much for your words and your advice.

  2. What a lovely weaving of voices ~ That second stanza and last one just resonated strongly with me ~ Well done with the collab poem everyone ~

  3. The last stanza was killer, bang on, perfect wrap-up. If one were not told this was a collaboration, damn, it would never be evident; how many voices became one in poetic harmony?

  4. So many good lines! Which to choose?
    There she found herself,
    A participle on an outcrop phrase, dangling.
    beach yourself in dry dock, writing rusty memoirs in eternal solitude
    oh, and the burning of metaphors!
    Really hauntingly beautiful, fills my head with ideas…

  5. really like the opening line…”Ascend by metaphors…” I like how I’m not sure if you have personified the ship…or if the ship is a metaphor for a washed up life…

  6. Some excellent word choices in this one. I like that it’s a collaboration. I don’t know if I could do that. 😉 My favorite lines were:
    “Inscriptions on mountainsides. There she found herself,
    A participle on an outcrop phrase, dangling.”
    Nicely done. Peace, Linda

  7. Reblogged this on vivchook and commented:
    This month’s Collaborative Poem used a photo as the prompt, and stylistic attempt was to avoid adjectives. Many thanks to @permabloom, @stair71, @sleepingdingo, @troublegummer & @brudberg. Such an honour to work with you every month. Thank you.

  8. The extended metaphor sings! I was sad to reach teh end! Here: “There she found herself,
    A participle on an outcrop phrase, dangling.” is bliss, finding oneself, and all else might be illusion or dream, indeed. Am
    azing poem.

  9. A successful collaboration, Bjorn–it must be difficult to find others whose work is somewhat compatible with yours. And a bit of a surprise when it works. Congratulations to the six of you.

  10. Wow. All the verbs have added so much depth of meaning to everyone’s poems, and this one really illustrates that. There is active passivity here. I am amazed that this is a collaboration. Your collaborations always amaze me, Bjorn. The stanzas that speak to me the most are 1, 3, and 4. Excellent.

  11. You managed to create visions of a noble craft, albeit one coming to a final rest. 🙂

  12. Ah.. the heArt of ships that craft all dreams of imagination in creativity of oceans and spring of humanity come true in all works of arts and seas in HEART where humanS truly do let it all go and flow together as waves as one.. and yes.. eventually the ship must come ashore.. but the remaining hope is float forevermore..:)

    Sorry.. it took so long to come ashore here.. i’ve been way LAID IN WORDS OF LATE..;)

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